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Dan of the Many

Dan of the Many

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering for 20 years and have loved the game for as long as I've known it. Crafting decks and improving them is my favorite part of the experience and I'm honored to share that with you. All decks I sell have been created, tested, and improved by me personally. I enjoy and sell decks of all types (Block Constructed, Standard, Modern, EDH, and Kitchen Table too). 

I'm happy to discuss strategy and execution if you purchase or are interested in purchasing a deck. Please reach out to me using the contact form if you've got a particular idea for a deck that you'd like me to craft - I love doing custom work! 


I'm so stoked man. Yesterday I won 4-0 with the Rakdos deck I bought off of you! It's great for no mercy games. It had him down in about six or seven turns.
- Tyler S., TX, USA

Loving the deck you made for my wife and would love to see it finally get beat. Lmao.
- Chad K., Manitoba, Canada

I got the deck yesterday and I played with it today with my friend. We had one of the most intense games we ever had on the first game - it was awesome. I love this deck. Thanks Dan! ^.^
- Moroni B., UT, USA

Great deck, amazing, thank you!
- Walker A., MT, USA

Deck is working out great. I'm 4-2 with it so far so I'd say it's going pretty well. My only losses were to other control decks. It was hard to steal creatures when he doesn't have any haha. But yeah, I had to sideboard against that but against a regular creature deck it did really well. Thanks again man, I love it. I'll be in touch.
- Sam D., NC, USA

The deck looks great, I can see the control for a longer game to this decks advantage.
- Stephen P., Quebec, Canada